August 11, 2017August 28, 2017

Coming into Spring 2 TRUDY RICE

Coming into Spring

In this exhibition, Trudy Rice explores the jewels of the garden, butterflies, who are lured by the colour and nectar of their refuelling station.

In the butterfly, Rice met her ideal subject. Visiting the famous Butterfly House at the Melbourne Zoo and using specimens from the Melbourne Museum, Rice found Entomology (the study of insects) fascinating in all aspects. Beyond their magnificent physicality, Rice found a further affinity to her own practice, which harnesses the natural energy of nature in solarplate etchings. Much like the printing technique, which uses the sun at its most intense, butterflies are most active between 1PM and 2PM. And, just as the fruits of a solarplate burst forth with the energy of the sun so do butterflies emerge with the first warmth of Spring, becoming emblems of colour and life after a season of rest and hibernation.

Be lured into Trudy Rice’s garden of jewels, Coming into Spring.

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