Behind the Scenes: KIRPY’s Archetypes

Melbourne is in constant evolution, with the gentrification of iconic suburbs spreading further and deeper in response to market demand. Kirpy’s latest exhibition, Archetype, critiques this process, asking ‘what is at stake’ and ‘what is left behind’. Empty buildings, whose tenants were pushed out by property prices, their windows pasted up with layers of old decaying Continue reading

Stephanie Jane Rampton Photoshoot-34

An Artist’s Life: Stephanie Jane Rampton

Artists are inherently visual people, whose lives are often as striking as the work they produce. As is the case with Stephanie Jane Rampton, whose solo exhibition Quiescence is currently hanging on our walls. Rampton has generously provided us with these glimpses into her world; the pictures included in this collection give depth and context Continue reading


Sai Wai Foo: Intricate Folds of the Sea

Walk along Smith St night or day until Christmas and you’ll see Out to Sea by Sai-Wai Foo. Exhibiting in our front window, this is an exquisite example of contemporary printmaking. Taking printmaking beyond the flat plane, Foo’s delicate sculptures intermingle found objects, intricate folds and printmaking. Her sculptural works embody the tactile nature of Continue reading


Gracia & Louise: Little Gems For The Choosing

Take a walk down Smith St and you’ll stumble across our delightful and curious window installation Here, there by Gracia & Louise. A gorgeous collection of antique sepia photographic portraits, collaged with brightly coloured prints of birds and animals. Hint: Be sure to enter the gallery to enjoy the reverse side of these works too! Continue reading


In Conversation with Wayne Viney

Wayne Viney is an artist whose work is instantly recognisable. With colourful, linear gradients, Viney abstracts the landscape in a way that is uniquely his. Drawing from Romantic traditions, at the heart of his work lies a ‘yearning for the sublime’. His abstract treatment of the natural world seeks to offer an alternative to the Continue reading


Jazmina Cininas: The making of Blood Sisters

Contemporary printmaker Jazmina Cininas is celebrated for her impressively detailed and thematic reduction linocuts.  Her new work Blood Sisters was inspired by the Canadian cult trilogy Ginger Snaps and was 6 months in the making. The work oozes intrigue, referencing themes like lycanthropy, menstruation and narcotic addiction. However, it is also Cininas’ print process that Continue reading

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Call Out for New Artists!

Call out for new printmakers!! Throughout the month of August, Port Jackson Press is accepting artist applications! The gallery is looking to extend its strong stable of printmakers with artists who have a strong, contemporary point of difference. Applying artists should demonstrate a fresh approach to printmaking, with a dynamic use of concepts, techniques and Continue reading

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Old dogs, new tricks… How Port Jackson Press is reinventing itself

Old dogs, new tricks… How Port Jackson Press is reinventing itself by Sue Forster, (outgoing) Editor, IMPRINT (Feature Article Spring 2014) A well known family-run business, with an artist at its helm, Port Jackson Press long ago acquired something of the status of a Melbourne cultural institution. To the credit of Directors Jeff Makin and Continue reading

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It’s our pleasure to welcome another new artist to our stable, Susan Baran. Baran is an accomplished printmaker, a member of Sydney Printmakers and Warringah Printmakers Studio, and is a committee member of the Print Council of Australia. Baran has exhibited widely and her work is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Continue reading


In Conversation With: Danielle Creenaune

Recently Danielle Creenaune has been put in the spotlight of a new interior design market. Featured in the May edition of Country Style magazine, her works provide an interesting point of discussion about the ever-increasing relationship between art and design. Creenaune is recognised for her use of the Mokulito process, which she uses to create Continue reading